The H U M A ND R E A M® is a Movement of Prosperity for All People


The dream is in us all throughout our life; as a child who wishes for world peace, and happiness for everyone; parents raise a family; young adults peel away from loved ones for that anticipated search for purpose; and our universal instinct toward life fulfillment as mortality finds us, Memento Mori, "remember that you must die". All humanity past, present and future own the dream of prosperity of any mental, physical, and social ability, strengthening the human tribe toward limitless possibilities, built on concrete values, an All-To-Top Economy, and principles that all people deserve a life of prosperity, equality, and peace. The founders set out to answer one question – how to build a socioeconomic system where all people prosper - ending poverty?

The H U M A ND R E A M® was born.

First, all our modern day attempts to end poverty are critical to the fight, however, are painfully slow and fragmented, leaving billions of people to suffer. We keep repeating the same old ideas, programs, policies, and global cooperation strategies that are limited in scope, underfunded, and stunted by bureaucratic constraints of imagination.

Human beings are complex, illustrated by our violent history, layered with our lightening speed advancement from the wheel to space travel, yet human survival remains a life crushing struggle for most people in our species, while for a few, survival merely resembles a blurry memory or storyline from a movie. We must meet the complexity of our species, with an equally multidimensional, Out-The-Box, NextGen, all hands on deck approach, in turning the H U M A ND R E A M® into a reality.

The answer to our founders single question is to create the future we want now and stop waiting, and hoping for trickledown economic wealth distribution to reach all people while billions suffer every year. For the first time in our history, we have the ability and blueprint to end poverty in our lifetime, led by the H U M A ND R E A M® Movement of Prosperity for All People, and THE MMORI PROJECT®, an independent think tank spearheading the enhancement of modern day capitalism..

H U M A ND R E A M®, a beacon of hope, equality, prosperity, and peace in our lifetime.

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