Prosperity For All People Ends Poverty.
Born is a path to Global Peace, Equality, and Sustainability3.


Join The Movement of Prosperity for All

H U M A ND R E A M® coalition focused on the enhancement, development, implementation, and innovation of a revolutionary free market socioeconomic model, where all people prosper creating societal balance between the People, Government and Corporations.


A Movement | Global Strategy | Economic Model

The H U M A ND R E A M® belongs to us all, a Movement and Symbol of Prosperity for All People, Global Strategy, and socioeconomic Model designed for all people to prosper toward a united human tribe, Equality, Sustainability3*, and Global Peace.

Statistics may show global poverty is getting better, but tell that, “it’s getting better”, to millions of children, women, and men, who struggle every year living in poverty – 55 Million People in U.S. live in Poverty, and 832 Million People live in Extreme Poverty (Less than $1.90 intl. p/day) – knowing only despair, anxiety, and death while the rest take survival for granted.

The H U M A ND R E A M® Foundation and Corporation, driven by our bold mission to develop, implement, and innovate our economic future through a paradigm shifting enhancement of modern day capitalism, meeting the needs of all people - The Cure to Poverty by 2065, giving a voice to all, and pave the way for us to live up to our better angels and eliminate our apathetic blind spot to the millions and billions of our sisters and brothers who suffer and die every generation from mass deaths & starvation, poverty, chronic & infectious diseases, human rights, war & terrorism, human trafficking, and education & mental health.

The H U M A ND R E A M® Corporation, a new breed of Public Benefit Corporation introduces our flagship ‘All-To-Top’ socioeconomic Model, engineered for all people to prosper with our ecosystem of businesses and brands. Our Model embodies an advanced Core Engine of global Sustainability, and Societal Balance (CESB) between the People, Government, and Corporations, constructed to bring the weight of our global economic, social and individual power to accelerate an end to poverty – a society of prosperous citizens, functional and productive governing, and exponential private sector growth and innovation, yielding domestic and international widespread access to sustainable jobs – a catalyst for stable and democratic governments, municipalities, civil services, and infrastructure for water and sanitation, transportation and roads, schools and universities, hospitals and clinics, bridges and dams, and advances in Agriculture, Manufacturing, Energy, and Technology.

The H U M A ND R E A M® Foundation and Corporation, in partnership with THE MMORI PROJECT®, an independent nonpartisan think tank originated to rethink wealth distribution, life-long learning labor force, global conflict exit strategies, and human threat mitigation; founded on humancentric values and principles of well-being, prosperity, and education of every human being in search of purpose so we enter the 22nd century moving together through any advancement, trend, and development.

Join the H U M A ND R E A M® Movement of Prosperity dedicated to reshaping the current socioeconomic structure for universal and equitable access to prosperity, cementing your place among the founding class of the Concerned of the Community, who are committed to end poverty in our lifetime carving a path to Equality, Sustainability3*, and Global Peace.



Bold mission to develop, implement, and innovate our socioeconomic future through a paradigm shifting enhancement of modern day capitalism, meeting the needs of all people ending global poverty by 2065.


Build a reimagined multi-dimensional, technological, socioeconomic model designed to bury trickledown creating an All-To-Top free market system where all people prosper.


Implement an All-To-Top economy through legislation, policy, and enhanced global cooperation.


Monitor, Manage, and Innovate the H U M A ND R E A M® model core engine of prosperity, and productivity toward achieving our objective to end poverty in our lifetime.

*sustainability3 (s3) – the synchronized balance of Human Sustainability; Individual, Tribal, and Environmental – Individual Sustainability (iS), for each person to not just exist, to survive, but live no longer worried about sustainable food, water, shelter, a job, health insurance and advancement for themselves and family in support of the Tribal and Environmental Sustainability. Tribal Sustainability (tS), social and economic sustainability of all people, the human tribe, against top threats like Mass Deaths & Poverty, Inequality, Chronic & Infectious Disease, Human Trafficking, War & Terrorism, Education & Learning, Human Rights, Human Trafficking, and Water & Food Insecurities, in support of Individual and Environmental Sustainability. Environmental Sustainability (eS) is the economic and social sustainability of the planet we inhabit, land, water, air, resources and indigenous species (animals, insects, birds, mammals, wildlife, biological) in support of Individual and Tribal Sustainability against conditions and threats, known and unknown, to human existence like, Climate Change, Overpopulation, Energy & Resource Depletion, Asteroid Defense and Natural Disaster Impact.


Day, August, 2065 – Global poverty has been eradicated creating a world of stable and flourishing countries based on economic equality, access, and opportunity for all people.

Climate change agreements and aggressive mitigation mandates succeeded leaving a bright atmosphere free of greenhouse gas emissions impacting our planet.

Education and Well-being are the foundation for our children producing adults better equipped to navigate life’s unknown.

Societal sustainability and balance is the economic standard where every person 18 years and older has direct access to sustainable jobs, bringing balance to the human survival instinct, the source of poverty, and no longer worried about food, water, shelter, a job, health coverage and economic advancement, no matter what region of the world, religious background, economic or social status, skin color, gender or age.

Terrorism has gone extinct with generations of young children thriving, nurtured by stable homes filled with hopes, dreams and a path to realize them.

Morning, February, 2092 – Sustainability3* achieved, ending resource depletion, ecosystem, and habitat disruption.

The remaining barriers of corruption, conflict, poor education, and lack of resources have been eliminated creating global cooperation, collaboration and unifying common goals.

The final agreement of the Global Nuclear Proliferation Doctrine signed, encapsulating a milestone toward peace.

Evening, December, 2096 – Global Peace accomplished with the signing of the first, Human Species Treaty and Peace Accords.